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peter Thompson



A huge inspiration to many
— Paula Radcliffe MBE

My name's Peter Thompson. I'm a skinny guy from England who came up with the idea of running a marathon in every country in Europe in consecutive days and then somehow managed to pull it off.


I used to be within the top 100 marathon runners in the country, with a personal best of 2 Hour 25 minutes, then something changed.

I now use running to take on adventures, to travel and to inspire others through speaking. I also do this to raise awareness of a more progressive approach and attitude toward overcoming the growing issue of mental health within the UK.

'Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong'


What's been and what's to come....




In April 2016 I felt lost, unhappy and was sat crying in a Ugandan Orphanage. A year later I became the first person to run a marathon in every country in Europe in consecutive days.

This adventure involved running 44 marathons, across 44 countries, in 44 days, covering over 1100 miles on foot and a further 11,000 on a mixture of trains, planes, buses and ferries.

My challenge raised over £20,000 for two mental health charities and highlighted the benefits of exercise on mental health and well-being.

It also showed what can be accomplisfhed with the support of others. I could never have achieved this alone and to all those wonderful people that have helped me along the way I am entirely grateful.  



Mixing adventure, wellbeing & resilience into a raw & inspiring journey


How I can help your business, organisation or school

Through the stories I share I can help to:
  • Generate discussions around mental health.

  • Break down stigma and misconceptions.

  • Understand the value of social support.

  • Challenge our perceptions of what’s possible.

  • Increase confidence and creativity.

  • Learn how to use frozen vegetables as a recovery tool.



Someone you know has a mental health condition. They just don’t know how to tell you.